Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Children's Book About Space!

Have you ever prayed for something, but it took a while to manifest itself properly? A few years ago, it was my quest to write a children's book about space. After toiling through a period of research, I couldn't dissect the subject matter to where a child would understand it.

Well in 2014, I was presented with a perfect pitch and manuscript from  Wanda Harding about #space and the #heavens. With her background in planetary science, space, & earth science satellite missions/launches and her work experience as a Senior Mission Manager for #NASA & Technical Director for #NOAA, she was the #chosen and credentialed one to write this type of book for children.

#AKClassics proudly presents #WhenIConsiderGodsAmazingUniverse authored by Wanda J. Harding and illustrated/designed by Rick Daniel. To learn more or to purchase your copy, visit,, or

#CutestLittleChildrensBookOnSpace #OrderNow

#WriteTheVision #ForItWillSurelyCome #WaitForGodsAppointedTime

Friday, September 26, 2014

Literacy is a Big Deal!

September is #NationalLiteracyAwarenessMonth! The #LiteracyCouncilofUnionCounty celebrated this occasion by recognizing student achievements and  thanking our community partners, tutors, and volunteers! Hearing the success stories of how some of our adult students have enrolled in school or received a better job or increased a reading level or understands their child's teacher or purchased a new home truly warms my heart. #LiteracyIsABigDeal! #SoProud #LiteracyBuildsStrongFamiliesAndCommunities

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spelling Is Spectacular

There is still charm in hearing words pronounced. There is appeal in hearing the derivation of words. There is wonder in hearing words used in a sentence. There is excitement in spelling words (particularly difficult ones) to see if they are spelled correctly. This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon in Athens, GA at the annual spelling bee for the Athens-Clarke Literacy Council. Kudos to all participating teams who gave it their all & to the winning team who spelled this word, vichyssoise!